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“To see trauma footprints removed from young people’s lives through Jesus Christ”. This is Kutoa Project vision and it captivated me the very day I learned about it. Trauma footprints are as real as a scar of a wound and their damages are often far reaching. Not only can they affect many aspects of human beings, but they may also affect many generations if not addressed.

Wow! It has been such a great honor and privilege to be actively involved with Kutoa Project and to take part in the change that is happening in the lives of children and young people. Nine months have already elapsed since I started to work closely with Shae and Jason in this! They both have big hearts for children and youth in Kenya and they are very passionate about Kutoa Project. I am learning a lot from them, especially seeing how much they have sacrificed for this cause. They are truly a great inspiration and encouragement to me.

Good and fulfilling times we had with teen moms and girls at one of our previous partners where we took them through a biblical based self-esteem curriculum. It was quite a distance as the home is not in Nairobi, but I always looked forward to that. The training has been a success and we had good feedback on some tangible change both from girls and the administration. I was personally happy to hear some girls witnessing a month later after the training ended how their performance in school have greatly improved and how they had gained more confidence. Most of them, especially teens’ moms had been living in shame, which prevented them from participating in class because of how they perceived themselves and being bullied by their classmates.

Another success story is with another partner home in Nairobi in which we have been offering a number of services. I am glad to have been working with caregivers in terms of providing trauma healing training for over two months using the American Bible Society/Trauma Healing Institute resources. Caregivers got more enlightened on trauma and they were able to not only connect it to the children under their care, but especially to relate it to their personal experiences. We initially had a plan to take them through core lessons and two extras, but we ended up adding more as they loved the program and requested for more. In the same home, I have been entrusted with six girls, two of them for life skills training and others for mentorship. I am happy to see them picking up. We started baking bread with one of them and she has ever since been selling bread within the home like hot cakes. She has currently expanded her baking by doing more baking recipes thanks to a professional baker who is volunteering at the home.

The journey with Kutoa Project has been much fulfilling and a learning experience all together. As we are there to provide support, almost every day is a learning opportunity. Learning from the love and dedication by children homes directors, staff, caregivers, and children themselves. It is quite humbling and challenging to experience great love especially from the children. One of the girls I have sessions with has been such a darling to me and I am touched by her love and her generous smile. She is a special kid and I am learning a lot from her how everyone is a special creation. She always tells me how and for what she has been praying for. She recently surprised me with half a box of guavas she had picked from their home garden for me using her single left hand (she only have one active hand) and she wanted me to carry them with me. She narrated to me how she managed by shaking guava trees. That really challenged me and I remembered some of the words of Mother Teresa. She might appear not to have much, but that girl is rich in love and that’s true riches. What a challenge!

I hope this stirs you enough to come and see us in Kenya, one of the beautiful countries in Africa, not only because of the Big 5, flamingoes, exotic beaches, her rich culture, etc…, but especially what God is doing in young lives through Kutoa Project!

Thank you for sparing your time to read this blog. Asanteni sana!

Betty Uwamahoro

Training and Communication Coordinator

Kutoa Project Kenya