Individual & Group Therapy

We provide discounted individual and group counseling by partnering with organizations who work with vulnerable children and young adults in Kenya in the Nairobi area. We provide services to ages 6-25 (In Kenya youth is anyone who is under 35).

Individual Sessions: We focus on providing the children and youth we work with trauma counseling where we help them process their past, learn coping skills, and help them set goals for their future.

Group Counseling Sessions: Our goal is to connect the children and youth to others who have gone through similar experiences they have and have a safe place to talk about relationships, purpose, self esteem, how to live with HIV, and other topics that affect them.

If you are in the Nairobi area and know a child, young adults, or organization who works with vulnerable youth who would benefit from these services, please send us an email are

Professional & Caregiver Training

One of the ways we bring income into our work in Kenya is by hosting Professional Caregiver Trainings all throughout Kenya. All our staff are highly trained in the curriculums that we train on and is a great way for us to be able to help organizations who work with vulnerable children by equipping and educating their staff.

When we host a training, we first help the caregivers, teachers, pastors, and community leaders process their own trauma and experiences because we know that we first must take care of ourselves. For these trainings we use curriculum from the American Bible Society called, Trauma Healing, which has been contextualized for East Africa.

Additionally we use other curriculums that are more clinical based to help these local leaders understand how trauma affects the brain, how to support a child who has gone through trauma, ways to address behaviors, and how to connect and build attachment with a child. Currently, we are using curriculum from our friends at Back 2 Back Ministries.

Community Involvement

Many of the children and young adults we work with live in institution typed settings like children’s home and rescue centers, meaning when they leave those places, they have very little community outside of the organization. Our goal with our community involvement piece is to give our youth a chance to build positive support systems by connecting them with others like them, connecting them to churches, and potential mentors. We do this by using sports as a way to get them connected and providing them with outings so they can learn life skills.

This year we are currently working to understand what resources are out there for youth (18-25) who are in a current crisis. One of our staff members is visiting and gaining knowledge from different organizations to see how do we support youth in current crisis such as, have been raped, abused, homeless, pregnant, or need HIV services. With this knowledge we hope to one day have a center to support our findings and fill in the gaps.