Kutoa Project has been stirring in my heart since September of 2013, when I was in Haiti.  During this trip, my heart was longing to be back in the country I so desperately love, Kenya.  I kept having dreams of a safe place for youth to come and heal from experiences in their lives that no child should encounter, experiences like loss, shame, rape, abandonment, disease, or loss of innocence.  I started calling this place ‘The Love House.’  I would draw pictures and dream of what The Love House could be, and started praying for God to put the pieces together and make it clear to me when the time was right. In October of 2014, the timing started to fall into place.  My thoughts started to be consumed with the idea of The Love House and I started seeking mentors to help me put together a plan of action.  In January of 2015, we established our first board members and I started the paperwork to make The Love House become a reality.  The name Kutoa Project came into play as we wanted more than just a house: it’s a safe haven for the youth in Kenya. It is a collaboration of different children’s homes, community members, and passionate individuals coming together to bring change in these young person’s lives.  A place where we all come together to help change the future for children who may not otherwise get a chance based on how they grew up, what they have been through, or what they are “destined” for in the future.  Kutoa means “to remove” and “to provide.” How perfect, right?  That as a community, we can help remove the pain, trauma, and generational curses these children were once destined to follow and provide opportunities to thrive, excel, and allow for these children to dream, and dream big.  To have a community of passionate Jesus followers and leaders help give these children hope, healing, and restoration through Jesus, because we all know He is the ultimate Healer in all of our lives. Now come join us as we make the story of Kutoa Project a beautiful love story of God’s mercy in our lives.

Shaé Brown

Founder & Director of Kutoa Project