I was one such a child.

Life can be unpredictable at times! We may go through it but may not put words to the experiences that we find ourselves in.  I was one such a child. Thankfully, my grandmother was there to hold my hand and to listen to me even when she did not know what I was saying exactly. I really wanted to know why my grandmother would always accept me and offer solace in times of difficulties! This is how I learnt that I can also offer the same to those that God brought my way. And off I enrolled in a college to pursue a course in Counseling Psychology in order for me to be able to walk with others as I also understand myself better.

Being at Kutoa Project took more of God’s hand than it was my effort if any! I am so thankful for the timing as this! I did not have much exposure to what trauma was. I have gone through school and only managed to do a unit or two on trauma in my whole course work. Through Kutoa project training services, I have also been a beneficiary of slowly gaining the knowledge necessarily to handle cases of trauma. This highlights the great need to create a trauma informed society for the well-being of the Kenyan child. I am glad that Kutoa Project is one ministry that has deliberately chosen to provide these skills so that the Kenyan youth is whole emotionally. 

I joined Kutoa Project team this past May as an intern and the journey has been immensely impacting to me even as I embrace Kutoa’s mission and vision which puts the child and youth as the integral part of what the organization stands for!  I am glad that I not only got to identify with what trauma is, but also to join Shae, Jason, and Betty in offering a helping hand to those that are going through pain. It is said that people go through things without knowing it is going to impact their life forever. This is where Kutoa Project team comes in by reminding these people that they are valuable and that their painful experiences do not erase their value as they are irreplaceable. 

I am working with the team as a counselor and I can’t put it in words how this has been a blessing to me! Each day I am in awe of the extent to which Kutoa Project offers a safe and conducive environment for children and youth to freely express their pain. Sometimes children do not find the right words for what they are going through. At more often than not, the youth are also not be able to articulate their pain; this is how Kutoa Project comes in and avails an avenue for these special ones to have a voice. When these dear ones comes for counseling services, they use these great tools that are in our offices which helps in walking these clients towards a firm realization of their pain in a more safe environment that is full of love, care and support. Kutoa Project would never be able to create this avenue alone and for this reason we want to appreciate you all for making this possible because of your generous support to this ministry. 

It is said that “two cannot walk together unless they agree.”  I am grateful to be being part of Kutoa Project team that is putting the child and the youth of Kenya first.

Blessings to you all! 

Maggie, Counselor with Kutoa Project