"In June, Christine, our son Ellis and I visited Shae’ in Nairobi and had the opportunity to spend a lot of time at one of Kutoa Project’s partner organizations, a children home that provides a safe home, education and a family atmosphere.  

 The first day at this home I spoke with the teenagers about communication skills, work ethic, relationships, and how all of this is surrounded in faith.  The kids shared their goals for life after the children’s home.  Each of them have dreams, just like our kids.  These kids just want to be kids.  Kids that deserve to be kids but their circumstances make that more difficult.  Their individual stories reveal their circumstances are more challenging but their passion to thrive, their growing faith, the support of their home and individual time with Shae’ is preparing them to move beyond their pasts.   

 After being on the board of Kutoa Project since it was founded by Shae’ nearly three years ago, seeing faces and talking with the youth in Nairobi makes the purpose of Kutoa Project (to remove the footprints of trauma) more defiantly real.  We were able to hear stories of some of the youth who have been a part of our services and they are starting to see hope in their future, work through the trauma they have experienced, and are engaging in activities on campus when they never did before. It is a real need and it is only by God’s grace and support from people who feel called to this mission, that we can provide such work for these youth.

Kutoa Project works to heal the heart through Christ our Lord.  The need for counseling and therapeutic services that Kutoa Project provides is essential yet is not typically available in Kenya.  The vision for Kutoa Project that God placed on Shae’s heart is making an impact with these kids. We are excited that other children’s homes, orphanages and young women’s groups in Kenya are seeking out Kutoa Project to provide training for their staffs and services for their children and young women.

 In order to expand services, we need to add staff that are committed to the mission and vision of Kutoa Project here in Kenya.  My hope is that those reading this message will consider providing monthly support so we can commit to provide additional services for these youth and caregivers. 

    - Mike Coon, Board President