Why Kenya?

Why Kenya?…

We have arrived back in the states a little over a day ago.  I did not tell my wife, but I had an overwhelming amount of uncertainty of how I would feel leaving Kenya and returning back to our home in the states. My wife, Shae’, was provided an awesome vision from the Lord to help a country begin to heal their invisible wounds. Over the past two years, the resounding question that has been deferred to me through countless people has been, “Why Kenya?”. 

The answer is simple. We have the ability to help a person in a place where they do not have the resources to be provided the care, commitment and compassion necessary to heal the wounds they have suffered.  

Since we have returned home, we have found ourselves catapulted into a situation to help a fellow family member through a difficult season in their life.  The outcome of this situation will be greatly affected by the resources available to help our family through these difficult decisions.  Without going into much detail, we have had a flurry of communication and guidance from agencies, therapists and spiritual mentors to walk with us as we navigate towards a solution.

Let me highlight one phrase from that paragraph, “communication and guidance”. Anywhere in the United States we are fortunate to know that we have agencies, therapists and faith based counselors to communicate and help guide us through difficult times. We are blessed to have the amount of access to help people in trying seasons.

Through this past journey, I have watched Kutoa Project, and my wife Shae’, become the communicator and guide for the youth of Kenya.  The vision that was given to my wife has blossomed in ways that we could not have prepared.  Our hope was to identify a couple of homes that would benefit from the faith based mental health services. The Lord decided that we would not have to search, but be found.  Since our time in Kenya, we have had over 10 organizations request the services that Kutoa Project provides.

The need for compassionate communicators and educators in Kenya cannot be measured. This is a beautiful nation whose youth have many invisible wounds.  The homes, caretakers and children desire to find a way to begin the healing. We have felt the call to give the resources that are available to everyone here to those that do not have the access to those basic needs to begin their restoration.

We thank you for all of the prayers and generosity that have been shared with us since we began this journey. I continue to ask that you pray for my wife that she is provided with strength, endurance and wisdom to deliver the plan that has been given to her. I also ask that you continue to lift up all of the youth in Kenya that will now have the opportunity to begin the healing process.  All of you have made this journey possible. For it is with your generous thoughts, wisdom and giving that will continue to spread the ability of Kutoa Project throughout Kenya. 

Until next time, 

Jason Brown