Three children one story.

It's been an interesting start on our journey with KKV. In the beginning, my role was to learn and help each child with many different tasks as a volunteer.  I know the children’s names, their favorite soccer team, and extracurricular  activities.  As the seasons have changed my role now has evolved into learning how these homes have operated for many years. It has caused me to praise Jesus that the children are no longer in those circumstances and to make sure we give these youth the best care we can possibly give.

Today, I learned about a sibling group of three that have been at the home for three years.  The eldest in now 13, the middle 7, and the youngest is 5. All have the same mother, but different fathers.  The mother was unable to take care of the oldest child and fled the countryside to the city to find work. She ended up marrying a man who resented her oldest because he was now his “step son”. In most cases, the spouse makes them give away their children, but this time he did not.
Long story short, one child came from him, and then shortly after she became pregnant with her last born. This child was from another man who was not her husband, likely due prostitution or rape.  She tried everything to abort this last child, but each attempt failed.  When the newborn was born, she resented her so much she tried different ways of harming her.  Now this girl has burn marks across her body and a heart filled with trauma, along with her two oldest siblings who witnessed the acts.
However, more tragedy was not far.  The mother was living in a small basement room inside the heart of a major slum in Nairobi.  The flood poured down the hills of the slum.  Panicked, the mother saw her house filling with water. She knew she had to save her children.  She started handing the children one-by-one to the neighbors that lived upstairs. Begging them to help. After the last child was saved, the mother was electrocuted from a live wire in the water.  Three children misplaced and scared.
After a few weeks, the neighbor went to find help. The children's family were gone and she was unable to take care of the children on her own.  They came to KKV, nervous, scared, but safe.   They have been here now for a few years but their hurt is not over and will take time to heal.  In a short wave of time, they lost everything.

The signs of their trauma have started to reveal themselves the more comfortable they have felt in the home.  But as we continue to learn more about the children, their stories, and the burden they carry let’s pray that God will do miracles in their life.

Shaé Brown